February 1, 2018

Boost for biomedical precinct

The new Parkville Station, part of the Metro Tunnel Project, will open doors for the acclaimed Melbourne Biomedical Precinct.

Made up of 30 hospitals, medical research institutions, biomedical organisations and universities largely located to the north of the central city, the precinct employs around 34,000 people and educates more than 7000 students annually.

The precinct partners, some in operation for more than 160 years, have been at the forefront of improved outcomes in areas such as infectious diseases and immunology, neurosciences including mental health, cancer, child health and healthy ageing.

Dr Gareth Goodier, Executive Chair of the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct Office, said having a new train station in the heart of the precinct will open up access for patients, visitors, staff and students.

‘The city shaping Metro Tunnel Project offers significant opportunities for the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct, including the potential to accommodate growth and to develop infrastructure and services,’ Gareth said.

‘The station also includes plans for new surrounding public spaces, retail and hospitality.

‘Combined, these will mean the precinct is a more accessible, pedestrian friendly environment and a more attractive place to work and study.’

The Victorian Government has identified medical technologies and pharmaceuticals as one of six priority areas, with potential to create highly-skilled, secure jobs and to drive economic growth.

‘Innovation clusters, districts or precincts within and across industries have become a priority and focus for cities, including Melbourne,’ Gareth said.

‘We also know that a young workforce prefers to congregate and work in vibrant neighbourhoods that are walkable, connected and offer choices in transport, housing and amenities.

‘This provides great opportunity for the precinct and recognises the need for us to work together to create and sustain an attractive and accessible environment for everyone.’

This article originally appeared in the City of Melbourne’s Melbourne Magazine – February 2018.

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