February 20, 2018

Collaborate + Connect + Commercialise

The Melbourne Biomedical Precinct is partnering with industry to help scientists fast track their research and their impact through a series of networking events.

The aim of the events is two-fold: equip scientists with information and skills to translate and commercialise their discoveries and secondly introduce them to people who can make that dream a reality, including investors and industry experts. The events feature a facilitated guest speaker and Q&A presentation, followed by a networking opportunity.

Close to 100 scientists, academics and business development managers from the Precinct attended the first event in late 2017. Dr Glenn Begley, CEO BioCurate, shared with the audience his experience of spending 15 years working in the USA, consulting for biopharma in both start-up and large company environments.

Read more about our next networking event.

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