August 3, 2018

Building international partnerships – Sky Gross and Nathan Elia visit Melbourne

We were delighted to introduce Nathan Elia and Dr Sky Gross to the Precinct in July when they visited Melbourne for a series of meetings, workshops and presentations with government, industry and Precinct Partners

Nathan is the Victorian Government’s Investment & Trade Director in Boston, where he focuses on biotechnology, life sciences, medical R&D and tech. Sky is the inaugural Biomedical Director at Victoria’s new trade and investment office in Tel Aviv and will be instrumental in not only building relationships between here and Israel, but also in facilitating a more commercial approach to the translation of our research.

Sky and Nathan met with more than 100 people during their visit and were both impressed with the breadth of experience and talent in the Precinct, and the world-class work we are doing here.

“There’s no doubt about the exceptional calibre of the work and people within this precinct, who are all united in creating better patient outcomes. What we now need to foster is a better relationships internationally and with industry to ensure not only patient success, but commercial success. Israel is the world’s leader in this regard and now I’ve seen first-hand the Precinct at work here, I think there are significant opportunities for growth,” Sky said.

Thanks to all those who gave of their time so generously to meet with Sky, Nathan and our team during their visit.

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