October 24, 2018

Medical research needs your blood!

Healthy volunteers are needed to sign up to the Volunteer Blood Donor Registry. The registry provides blood samples to ethically approved medical research for diseases such as cancer and inflammatory diseases.

The Volunteer Blood Donor Registry is a not-for-profit service established by the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and Melbourne Health to support research in the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct that requires the use of human blood.

Registered healthy volunteers donate a small amount of blood (no more than five tablespoons at any one time) for ethically approved medical research. Every donation of blood will go towards research and may contribute to life-saving discoveries for future generations.

Australia’s medical research achievements have benefited health outcomes worldwide, from blood hormones to prevent infection to the cervical cancer vaccine. These discoveries would not have been possible without the use of human blood in the research process.

By joining the Volunteer Blood Donor Registry you can contribute towards the latest research discoveries.

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How do I register?

You can register with the Volunteer Blood Donor Registry by contacting the custodians on +61 3 9345 2304 or info@blooddonorregistry.org