October 30, 2018

University of Melbourne’s Claire Gorrie wins prestigious Victoria Fellowship

Melbourne Biomedical Precinct researcher, Ms Claire Gorrie, a Doherty Institute (Dept. Microbiology & Immunology) postdoctoral research fellow and bioinformatician, was announced as a recipient of the prestigious Victoria Fellowship.

Ms Gorrie works in the School of Biomedical Science’s Microbiological Diagnostic Unit combining the collected sequence data with patient’s epidemiological data in order to identify potential transmission of these ‘superbugs’.

“We hope to establish the feasibility and potential use of this approach for ongoing surveillance in hospitals, and to develop a computational pipeline that would allow ongoing automated surveillance of superbugs,” Ms Gorrie said.

“The Fellowship will enable me to visit some institutions overseas that are also investigating similar approaches, including the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and Public Health England.”

The Fellowship will also support Ms Gorrie to attend major international conferences to present her work and get insights from insights from individuals from a range of computational, research or clinical backgrounds.

“I am incredibly excited about the opportunity and the learning experiences I will get. I am very passionate about this project and its potential impacts and am grateful that veski sees the potential of this work too,” she said.

The Victorian State Government engaged veski in 2013 to administer the Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation and Victoria Fellowships to provide Victoria’s leading scientists and innovators with the support they need to develop life changing treatments.

Ms Gorrie joins 11 other early career researchers in being awarded $18,000 each to assist them with an international study mission, six in life sciences and six in physical sciences.


Dr Amanda Caples, Victoria’s Lead Scientist & Ms Claire Gorrie

Article and image sourced from: biomedicalsciences.unimelb.edu.au/ 

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