November 16, 2018

#TestFestVic – 30 November

Calling all hackershipsters and hustlers! Enter #TestFestVic – a hackathon where participants have 2 days to create a digital-related invention (hardware or software project and prototype) to increase HIV testing in Victoria. To celebrate World AIDS Day on 1 December, the competition will be held from 30 November to 2 December and will feature presentations by world-leading HIV experts, as well as tech experts on the latest digital health innovations. The top teams will receive a total of $10,000 development grant and access to experts to assist you in taking your invention to market.

#TestFestVic is using 4 Personas, listed below, as the targets for this event. These 4 populations may be at risk of HIV but don’t usually access testing facilities or understand their risk of HIV (DHHS 2017).

  • Young women (<30 years) who study, travel or work abroad
  • International students
  • Community members with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds
  • Community members who identify with and travel to high endemic countries (i.e. Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia, Eastern European nations).

Further information can be found :

Register to participate, click #testfestvictoria

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