Victoria is a highly respected international leader in the health and biotechnology sectors with a number of significant strengths that offer investment and trade opportunities.

Since the establishment of the Victoria’s first hospitals more than 160 years ago, the state’s health system has grown to become an international leader in many key areas. While hospitals are a significant part of the Victorian health landscape, many other organisations contribute to the delivery of health services across Victoria. These organisations range from small-scale sole practitioners to large organisations that offer a broad range of services.

The Melbourne Biomedical Precinct represents an outstanding opportunity for investment, employment and learning. We want to partner with people who share our vision to create better health outcomes for people at all stages of life.

(Source Invest Victoria)


Royal Children’s Hospital nurses have taken the app world by storm with a guide to managing children in emergency departments that shot to the top of the global medical app charts in its first few days.

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