Innovation clusters, districts or precincts within and across industries have become a priority and focus for cities in recent decades. The advantages and opportunities they offer attract entrepreneurs, research and educational institutions, governments, healthcare providers, start-ups and industry seeking to advance technology and drive employment and enterprise. They add to the economic and social prosperity of communities globally. Melbourne, the fastest growing city in Australia, and the world’s most liveable, is no exception.

Plan Melbourne, Victoria’s key metropolitan planning strategy, highlights the precincts around Melbourne, Monash, Deakin, and La Trobe universities as National Employment and Innovation Clusters which offer significant opportunities for employment, economic and investment growth for the state.

The Melbourne Biomedical Precinct Partners are in close proximity to Australia’s highest ranking university, the University of Melbourne.

The Precinct’s location means that it is well placed to add to and benefit from the wealth of innovation happening across Melbourne and Victoria. It is this collaborative spirit across the state that will ensure that the biomedical sector remains a cornerstone of Victoria’s economy


A precinct approach:

Learn more about the Victorian Government's approach to National Employment and Innovation Clusters

We are heavily influenced by the Brookings Institute's work on innovation districts

Downloadable Maps

PDF of the Collaboration map (1.7mb)
PDF of the Precinct map (1.7mb)


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