The Melbourne Biomedical Precinct is enormously important to Victoria.  It has touched the lives of millions of people - whether it be through the world class clinical care its hospitals provide, the outstanding education its universities deliver or the world-renowned research of its institutions. In the future the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct will be even more important. It will provide secure, well-paid jobs for generations of Victorians and help build economic growth for Victoria. It will be called upon to help address major new health challenges emerging in Australia and around the world. To support this, the Precinct Partners have created a 20-year vision to position the Precinct as one of the top ten biomedical precincts in the world.

A global top 10 biomedical precinct that creates jobs and economic growth through entrepreneurialism, industry engagement and highly impactful health care, research and education.

  Five clinical research strengths
  • Infectious diseases and immunology
  • Neurosciences including mental health
  • Cancer
  • Child health
  • Healthy ageing
  Eight research platforms
  • Digital health and clinical informatics
  • Genomics and bioinformatics
  • Cell and biological therapies
  • Drug discovery
  • Stem cells and regenerative medicine
  • Vaccines and immunology
  • Medical devices and implantables
  • Population health, systems and services
Five clinical research strengths + Eight research platforms
Infectious diseases and immunology Digital health and clinical informatics Stem cells and regenerative medicine
Neurosciences including mental health Genomics and bioinformatics Vaccines and immunology
Cancer Cell and biological therapies Medical devices and implantables
Child health Drug discovery Population health, systems and services
Healthy ageing
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