What we do

The role of the Melbourne Biomedical Office is to drive economic outcomes, always within the context of improved patient outcomes.  It does this by collaborating with stakeholders across four key areas.

  • Strategic Planning
    Two key pieces of work will shape the Victorian Government’s focus in the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct over the next few decades:

Melbourne Biomedical Precinct Strategic PlanFrom research engine to economic powerhouse sets out priorities and actions over the next 10 years to maximise outcomes from the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct. You can download a copy of the strategic plan here

Melbourne Biomedical Precinct Framework Plan – is being developed in partnership with the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) to provide a land use framework for the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct to guide infrastructure and investment.  For more information visit VPA website here

  • Advisory
    The Office plays an advisory role to government and its agencies, the Precinct Partners and staff, as well as investors and biomedical organisations locally and globally
  • Promotion
    The Office promotes the Precinct as a significant opportunity for research collaboration, investment and employment.  It plays an important role in showcasing the Biomedical Precinct’s work, people and facilities to the world
  • Delivery
    As a whole-of-government initiative, the Office is well-placed to deliver a number of initiatives, either directly or by providing a coordinating role with Precinct Partners

    Image credit: Victorian Planning Authority 

Connecting the dots between ideas and outcomes

At the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct Office we bring people and ideas together, for better outcomes all round.

Quite simply this means we listen to you and talk to the right people in the Precinct, the Government and the investor community to bring your idea to life.

That idea could be testing a new treatment through a clinical trial, finding room for a bright new start-up or matching an investor with innovative researchers intent on improving people’s lives.

Please contact us here, to help connect the dots between ideas and outcomes.

Image credit Peter Bennetts